Bryan Christie Design
67 Greene Street
Floor 3
New York, NY 10012

phone 212 334 5222
fax 212 334 5224

Mission statement:

To create the most clear, beautiful, elegant graphics and illustration.

To work on jobs that benefit humankind.

To create a energetic, positive work place that fosters room for creative expression and positive change.

To interpret the clients needs. This means always digging deeper, asking as many questions as possible.

To respect each job.

To fight hard against boredom and a feeling of just reproducing. To not rest on what we have accomplished and done in the past. To always be building on what we have done. Not for the sake of change, but for the sake of beauty and clarity.

What we do:

We transform complex ideas into compelling images. By combining strong aesthetics with a focus on research and accuracy, we provide all you need to create unforgettable visualizations. Our studio will help you find the best way to convey your concept, and then will do what it takes to realize it. In addition to illustration and animation, this might include conducting supplementary research, writing supporting text, and considering the combined impact of the illustration, design, text, and layout.

The studio's work covers a broad range of topics, from the astronomical to the gastrointestinal, the microbiological to the nanotechnological. But whatever the subject matter, our images strive to represent ideas, not just objects. Illustrating the unseeable is a particular specialty. Much of the work done by us is executed in 3-D modeling software; however, the treatment is designed to let visual realism take a backseat to more conceptual truths.